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Last Updated 17nd November 2023


Titos Fashion House has noticed that there have been several incidents where Titos Fashion House’s name is misused to collect personal information as well as to cheat and mislead the customers. Please note, such incidents are a scam and must be immediately reported to us at Email – [email protected] / Whatsaap – +91 9163190992

BEWARE of such frauds and phishing activities and by following these steps you can recognize and protect yourself from such scamsters.

Now Titos Fashion House is going to explain a point to point:

  1. i) Be vigilant. Please do not divulge any personal or sensitive data including bank details such as OTP, UPI/DEBIT/CREDIT CARD PIN, CVV, or credit/debit card details to anyone claiming to be a Titos Fashion House’s representative.
  2. ii) Ensure that you do not click on any suspicious links or any unauthorized web portals or social media posts because it’s may be harmful to you.

iii) Watch out for any suspicious calls, fake messages, unsolicited or spam e-mails, and any communication sent to you by the unauthorized person(s) asking you to share any personal information malafidely under the pretext of processing refund claims, soliciting to participate in any unauthorized offers, contests, lotteries, or scheme or asking for payment of money for such participation or to get any prize thereof or offering any job opportunity.

  1. iv) Avoid paying any money or deposit funds to any person wrongfully claiming to be Titos Fashion House’s representative or job consultant(s). Neither Titos Fashion House nor any of its representatives or authorized recruitment consultants take money or any other kind of payment for jobs.
  2. v) Report any incident which you believe to be fake or misleading, immediately to us to stay safe from such fraud or phishing.
  3. vi) Ensure that you carry out with us using the allowed channels of Titos Fashion House counting its platform, approved social media pages, or valid and genuine contact details to keep yourselves protected and secure from such fraud or phishing.

We are concerned about the protection of your online transactions with us and always strive to keep a safe and secure user experience for you. In case of any queries please feel free to arrive to us at [email protected]

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