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Dear Sir and Madam!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as we wish to do business with you. Titos Fashion House specializes in the B2C and B2B exporter of “Imitation and American Diamond Jewelry. Over the past 2 years, our company has built a reputation for quality products, ethical practices, and trustworthy service.

If you give us an opportunity then we can provide the best quality product in your country as per your requirements. Please contact our Exporter person –

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Mr. Subhasish Das

Also, you can check out our retail sales products eCommerce website:-

We will be accepted five Payment Terms for B2B Export!

i) DP (Documents Against Payment) | ii) DC (Documentary Collection) | iii) FOB (Free On Board) | iv) LC (Latter Of Credit) | v) CA (Cash in Advance)

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I – GENERAL CONDITIONS: All orders placed with “Titos Fashion House” are subject to these conditions and no other conditions shall apply, including those appearing in the Client’s purchase order. “Titos Fashion House” and the Client will be referred to as the “Parties”.

II – PRODUCTS: Our Products (Imitation Jewellery, American Diamond Jewellery Services) presented in our catalogs or prospectus can be subject to modifications without prior notice due to technical or regulatory changes.

III – OFFERS: The terms and conditions specified in our offers are fixed for a limited period of 30 days, unless otherwise specified between the Parties.

IV – ORDERS: Any purchase order from the Client is subject to a confirmation notice from “Titos Fashion House”. If no claim or change is requested within 2 days from this notice, the buyer will be deemed to accept all of our general terms and conditions as well as specific terms of the offer.

Any cancellation of a purchase order or of an accepted offer will be subject to cancellation fees representing 70% of the total price of said order.

V – DELIVERY: “Titos Fashion House” will endeavor to meet the estimated delivery times, but cannot accept any liability whatsoever for a failure to do so. Risk of loss or of damage to any goods passes to the Client at the time the goods leave Titos Fashion House’s premises. Delivery times given for products are “Ex Works”.

All delivery costs, (specific packaging, freight, carriage, customs charges etc) are borne by the Client. Any onsite intervention canceled by the Client less than 2 days before the previously-agreed scheduled date will be subject to cancellation fees.

All meteorological documents will be sent by electronic mail or will be made available on the software or will be available for 1 month on an internet-secured server (through a single-use link included in the mail to access a compressed file with all the documents) unless specifically agreed in writing. When an offer will be issued and/or the Client the detail about the sending or access of the documents will be pacified. The meteorological documents will be sent in PDF format after validation and signature by an authorized person. Titos Fashion House will store the meteorological documents for 3 months on dedicated, protected, and secured servers.

VI – PRICES: Prices are quoted in USD, exclusive of Value Added Tax. Accurate taxes, customs charges, and other charges will be added. Every endeavor is made to ensure the accuracy of prices quoted; no responsibility is accepted for any error or omission.

Prices included in our price list are subject to change but every effort will be made to give reasonable notice before the change is applied.

VII – SETTLEMENT TERMS: Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Titos Fashion House, any purchase order is to be paid in advance before delivery, by bank transfer on the basis of a pro- forma invoice. Alternatively, the purchase order can be paid by an irrevocable confirmed standby (or documentary) letter of credit drawn on a major French bank or on a foreign bank registered.

All bank charges and fees, incurred in settling our invoices and especially those levied by the receiving bank, are to be paid by the buyer. Any late payment will automatically incur interest at 7 points above the European Central Bank highest rate during the previous three months, the interest amount to be calculated from the date of the invoice to the date of actual payment.

Irrespective of any settlement terms granted to the Client, fees for annual service contracts are payable in advance on receipt of the corresponding invoice. Any late payment will automatically interrupt services and deliveries.

For any Export related query, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to resolve you query.

We wish you success in your business! with love – Titos Fashion House

Thank You!

Meet Our Team Member

Taniya Aich

Taniya Aich

Role - Customer Service Representative

I’m Responding to customer inquiries and providing information about products or services with handling and resolving customer complaints, concerns, and issues in a professional and timely manner. Also, Managing and addressing customer feedback, both positive and negative.

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Debashis Das

Role - Website Content Writer

My name is Debashis and I’m a copywriter with 4 years of experience in copyrighting, editing, and social media strategy. I specialize in writing blog posts, website content, product descriptions, and social media captions.

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Rohit Gupta

Role - Export Manager

I’m responsible for Export Manager. During the course of the day, I negotiate with a variety of people, such as shippers, agents, and vendors, and to have excellent customer service skills in dealing with customers.

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